But what does a “member-at-large” do?!

Generally speaking, members-at-large (MALs) are just the non-officer members of an organization or board. Their primary responsibility is to serve as a representative and advocate for a particular constituency or organizational need. The APAGS board includes MALs for practice, research and academics, education and training, communications and public relations, diversity, and membership recruitment and retention.

Because APA is a largely practice-focused organization, the research and academics MAL is a particularly important position within APAGS. He or she¬†is one of the strongest voices that¬†science, academic, and research-based graduate students have within APA. It is the MAL’s responsibility to make sure that the needs of these students are well-represented in meetings, on committees, and in the initiatives undertaken by APAGS on behalf of all psychology graduate students. In particular, this MAL is responsible for:

  • Establishing relationships and joint projects with the Science Directorate of the APA.
  • Promoting and supporting activities, projects, and programs that foster increased support of and participation by research-oriented graduate students.
  • Overseeing the APAGS scholarship nomination, selection, and award processes.

The MAL cannot effectively advocate for your needs without your input! Please contact me with any concerns, questions, or comments about what APAGS can do for you and your colleagues.